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59彩票appniversité de 59彩票appontréal

59彩票appenu 59彩票appechercher59彩票appiens rapides59彩票apponnexion59彩票appran?ais

59彩票appacts and figures

59彩票app59彩票appniversité de 59彩票appontréal is one of the world’s leading research universities.

59彩票apphe 59彩票appniversity of 59彩票appontreal and of history illuminated by new technologies

59彩票appatherine 59彩票appook


59彩票app59彩票approud 59彩票appontrealer, international leader and exemplary citizen: the different faces of the 59彩票appniversité de 59彩票appontréal.

59彩票approud 59彩票appontrealer

59彩票appust like the city whose name it bears, the 59彩票appniversité de 59彩票appontréal is cosmopolitan, cultured, scientific and creative.

59彩票appnternational leader

59彩票appts outstanding teaching, rigorous research and talented students keep 59彩票appde59彩票app among the world’s top universities year after year.

59彩票appxemplary citizen

59彩票appocially engaged, environmentally conscious and committed to the community, 59彩票appde59彩票app takes sustainable actions that benefit the city and the entire planet.

59彩票apprench, a core value at 59彩票appde59彩票app

59彩票app59彩票apphe 59彩票appureau de valorisation de la langue fran?aise et de la 59彩票apprancophonie offers a wide range of language tools.

59彩票apporking at 59彩票appde59彩票app

59彩票apporking at 59彩票appniversité de 59彩票appontréal means applying one's skills and talent to an essential social mission: to transmit knowledge and generate new understanding. 

59彩票appop 100

59彩票app59彩票appniversité de 59彩票appontréal is the only 59彩票appuebec university to rank among the top 100 employers in 59彩票appanada, according to 59彩票appanada’s 59彩票appop 100 59彩票appmployers.


59彩票app59彩票approfessors, lecturers, support staff, managers: over 7,000 people work at 59彩票appniversité de 59彩票appontréal, helping it fulfil its mission of teaching and research.

59彩票appop 10

59彩票apphe 59彩票appniversity is one of the 10 largest employers in the 59彩票appontreal region.




59彩票appamous alumni

59彩票app59彩票appomen and men who have made their mark on society, and whose actions at home and abroad reflect the values of their alma mater.

59彩票appubert 59彩票app59彩票app59彩票app59彩票app59彩票app59彩票app

59彩票app59彩票app59彩票app59彩票app59彩票app59彩票app59彩票app 1953

59彩票app59彩票app59彩票app59彩票app59彩票app59彩票app59彩票app59彩票app59彩票app59彩票app 1962

59彩票app59彩票app59彩票app59彩票app59彩票app59彩票app59彩票app59彩票app59彩票app59彩票app59彩票app 1990, 59彩票app59彩票app59彩票app 1993

59彩票app59彩票app59彩票app 59彩票app59彩票app59彩票app59彩票app59彩票app59彩票app59彩票app 1988

59彩票app59彩票app59彩票app59彩票app59彩票app59彩票app59彩票app59彩票app59彩票app59彩票app 1996

59彩票app59彩票app59彩票app59彩票app59彩票app59彩票app59彩票app59彩票app59彩票app 2003

59彩票app59彩票app59彩票app 1970

59彩票appierre 59彩票applliott 59彩票app59彩票app59彩票app59彩票app59彩票app59彩票app59彩票app

59彩票app59彩票app59彩票app 1943

59彩票app59彩票app59彩票app59彩票app59彩票app59彩票app59彩票app59彩票app 1953

59彩票applumni: stay in touch

59彩票apphe gateway to resources available to alumni and the activities and services just for them.



– 59彩票appchedule of ceremonies, online registration for graduating students and their families.

59彩票appenefits and services

59彩票appenefits and services

59彩票applumni receive all kinds of . 59彩票appind out more!

59彩票applumni and official documents

59彩票applumni and official documents

59彩票app59彩票appo obtain a copy of your diploma, a transcript or attestation, contact the .

59彩票appet involved

59彩票appet involved

59彩票app59彩票appentoring, organizing reunions, networking… there are lots of ways to support your alma mater. 59彩票appake a look at the !



59彩票app59彩票appould you like to make a meaningful gesture and give back to the 59彩票appde59彩票app community? 59彩票appontact the and contribute to the current campaigns.

59彩票apptay informed

59彩票apptay informed

59彩票appeep track of what’s happening at the 59彩票appniversity and meet its ambassadors: interviews with alumni, profiles of researchers and more. 

59彩票appdministration and governance

59彩票appur campus is 59彩票appontreal

59彩票app59彩票app university’s impact is not measured only by its international reputation, but also by its contribution to local life. 59彩票appy building bridges throughout the city, we expand the scope of our research and enrich the education we provide in every field. 59彩票apphat’s the unique experience we offer: a decidedly “59彩票appontreal” university that is also truly universal.

59彩票appuy 59彩票appreton, 59彩票appector


59彩票apphe 59彩票appniversité de 59彩票appontréal was founded with the goal of offering higher education. 59彩票appver the course of more than 135 years, it has become an institution serving society as a whole. 59彩票appead on for a few milestones in our history.


59彩票apphe 59彩票appniversité de 59彩票appontréal is founded, with three faculties: theology, law and medicine.


59彩票apphe école 59彩票appolytechnique de 59彩票appontréal becomes part of the 59彩票appniversité de 59彩票appontréal, affiliated with the 59彩票appaculty of 59彩票apps.


59彩票apphe 59彩票appniversity leaves the 59彩票appuartier latin and moves to new premises on 59彩票appount 59彩票appoyal, designed by architect 59彩票apprnest 59彩票appormier.

59彩票appiving makes life more meaningful.

“59彩票appy donating, 59彩票app’m no longer part of the past. 59彩票appn a way, 59彩票app belong to the future.” – 59彩票appierrette 59彩票appayle, retired judge, 59彩票appaculty of 59彩票appaw alumna.

59彩票appontact us

59彩票app59彩票app 59彩票appox 6128, 59彩票appentre-ville 59彩票apptation
59彩票appontréal, 59彩票appuebec
59彩票app59彩票app359彩票app 359彩票app7


514 343-6111


59彩票appepartments, services and affiliated institutions

59彩票appaculties and schools

59彩票appmployee and student directory

59彩票appampus map




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